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Psychotherapy and Coaching in English, German or Greek


You are visiting the english website of my private practice for psychotherapy and coaching...

My name is Alexandra Charalampidu and I am a certified psychologist and counselor.

I assume you are a world traveller.

Maybe you are in Germany because of your job, or maybe for personal reasons. Now you are confronted with a different culture and at first with limited possibilities, because of the language.

Starting a new life on one hand is beautiful and exciting, on the other hand sometimes frustrating.

Before you got here you were a professional, now there are so many things you don´t know, so many things you need to ask and you might feel as a beginner sometimes.

Maybe you feel a little disappointed or lonely? 

Leading a life as a cosmopolitan has it´s ups and downs. 

How would you like to balance your everyday life? 

Before we start with the coaching or the psychotherapy I would like to invite you for a short free of charge meeting. It is important to me, that you feel comfortable, so it is good to get to know each other a little bit before we start. Contact me for an appointment.

Psychotherapy and Coaching in English, German or Greek


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