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© 2019 Alexandra Charalampidu

© 2019 Alexandra Charalampidu

Discover new possibilities




You have started a new career and life in Germany.

  • New in Germany. What are the next steps?

  • Let us find out how you can reach your professional goals 

  • Consider what is important for a good communication with others

  • Think about how you can adjust, to the new life style

  • Prepare you for the new Job

  • How to deal with homesickness

  • Get to know your new home

  • Living and developing in two cultures


Stay balanced!


You are looking for more serenity and inner peace in your everyday life.

  • Increases your self-confidence

  • Makes you feel more active

  • For more joy and inner balance


Know yourself and what is good for you!

Job Coaching 

You are seeking for a career transition.

  • Let us discover what you want to do in the future

  • Together we work on your application documents

  • Special Trainings will prepare you for job interviews

  • One central subject is your self-presentation

  • We will look into your strengths and weaknesses

  • You will get support on how to deal with conflicts at work

Be satisfied with your professional life!


You live in Germany in 2nd or 3rd Generation.

  • Find your balance and benefit from both cultures

  • Identity: "Who am I? Who do I want to be? Who should I be?"

  • Growing up with two homelands and cultures

Find your individual mix of cultures!


One coaching unit lasts 90 minutes. It costs 110,- Euro per unit.

Please notice: in cash for the appointment or advance bank transfer only.

Package of 5:

510,- Euro  (5 x 90,- minutes)

Contact me for an appointment.