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Walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.  ~ Audrey Hepburn ~

Pontiam - Private practice for psychotherapy and coaching


The word Pontiam is rooted in the language of the Pontic Greeks. Pontia translates into the "woman from the Black Sea". She is looking towards the new possibilities that open up, the moment you start reflecting on your family history.


Pontiam stands for the connection with the ancestors as a Ressource.

Pontia is the feminine form of the word Pontios, a Greek who lived on the shores of the Black Sea, called Pontos. Pontiam means "my Pontia". The ancestors of today's Pontic Greeks left their former home, the Black Sea, in the 1920s. They migrated as refugees to Greece and other countries, like Germany, the USA and Australia. Their language, their music and their dances even today still connect people - all over the world.

Pontiam knows about challenges that come with migration. She knows about the strength, hope and love that she gets, when she connects with her roots. She has experienced the freedom that is gained through forgiveness and she seizes the creative possibilities that are offered by a new beginning.

What ressources do you pull out of the connection with your roots? Are you experiencing some big changes right now? Let us look together for the opportunities that come with every change and connect you with your inner strength. Contact me for a short free of charge session.

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