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That Place in You - Week 1 & 2

277,00 €

Back to your center, build your foundation


  • workbook with an overview for each day ( day 1-14)
  • 16 audio lessons ( with a special theme for each day of the week)
  • two of the lessons also available as video
  • audio files with 5 guided meditations, including "That place in you-meditation"
  • journaling prompts
  • intention setting
  • gratitude
  • connection to the inner child
  • body connection
  • quality time with myself

When you feel deeply rooted inside yourself, your values, your vision everything you do and everything you think is rooted in this essence of you and fed by it.

So from time to time it is helpful and necessary to pause and strengthen this connection, refocus and visit that place in you that is free from the chatter of the world. And this time is now beautiful one.

In THAT PLACE IN YOU you will strengthen your connection with you.

14 precious days to shape your connection to yourself in a way that you desire. Every experience that we have, changes us forever. We sure know this about the painful ones. Why not intentionally put ourself through a beautiful experience, an experience that will put us right on track on our path, towards our goals?

Approximately 10-20 minutes daily. Is this to much of a commitment, if you can shape your own life with it?

Beautiful one, together we will give each day of the week, consciously a main focus, a purpose, to strengthen this foundation. Step by step fine tuning how you want to live and who you want to be - for yourself and for others. We will meditate together, you will receive questions to journal on, ideas on how to spend quality time with yourself. You will also receive little short videos from me explaining why we are doing, what we are doing the way we are.

This course is right for you, if you want to influence and shape how you feel. You do understand, beautiful one, that how you experience life starts with you and the way you choose to evaluate everything that is happening. You can look at life happening FOR you, giving you feedback, where you are on your path, so you can readjust instead of someone who is saying „why is this happening TO me?“. You can work on who you want to be, if you pause and you try to be as intentional as you can. I want you to be empowered after that week and enjoy a little bit more of inner freedom. The freedom of choice between the different approaches to life. YOUR precious unique life! I want for you to be comfortable, while you walk on your path. You special and unique path!

Each exercise you will try is a new experience with yourself.

How will it feel for you? What are the benefits for you? Is there a special time for you to do it? When it is fun?

I want you to enjoy walking on your own path and I don’t mean constantly 24/7, generally. The connection to our core is crucial for this. It gives us a sense of security and safety and we can exhale and lean back and enjoy the experience.

This course was created as a 4-week course, were participants would receive every day a new lesson. You will receive here all the recordings of the lessons at once, from day 1 to day 14. In Part 3 and 4 you can access the following recordings of the following 2 weeks of the course.

This 2 weeks are the first step on your path. The course is created to support you through 4 weeks, to really implement the change in your everyday life. Every journey starts with one small step. Right? Enjoy this time with yourself!


Please notice, that this course is not a treatment for mental health issues, but a space for self development. The course does not substitute a therapy.

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