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That Place in You - Week 3 & 4

240,00 €

Back to your center, build your foundation

THAT PLACE IN YOU - WEEK 3 & 4 (Please do week 1& 2 first)

We continue our course

  • workbook with an overview for each day (day 15-28, plus one Bonus Day)
  • 15 audio lessons (with a special theme for each day of the week)
  • 2 audios with meditations
  • activity prompts
  • intention setting
  • gratitude
  • connection to the inner child
  • body connection
  • quality time with myself
  • about prayer

When you feel deeply rooted inside yourself, your values, your vision everything you do and everything you think is rooted in this essence of you and fed by it.

So from time to time it is helpful and necessary to pause and strengthen this connection, refocus and visit that place in you that is free from the chatter of the world. And this time is now beautiful one.

In THAT PLACE IN YOU you will strengthen your connection with you.

14+1 precious days to strengthen your connection to yourself even more.

Invest approximately 10-20 minutes daily into your relationship with yourself.

This course is right for you, if you have already taken the steps through "That Place In you week 1 and week 2"

This course was created as a 4-week course, were participants would receive every day a new lesson. You will receive here all the recordings of the lessons at once, from day 15 to day 28.

Take the next step on your path to strengthen that inner connection with yourself

***This audio course is not a treatment for mental health issues. The course is a space for self development.***

The course does not substitute therapy sessions.

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