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Gratitude changes our life

In her research, Brene Brown* discovered that “research participants who had the ability to lean fully into joy, only shared one variable in common: Gratitude. They practiced gratitude.“

When was the last time you took a moment to say thanks for the small things in your life?

It seems, that practicing gratitude really does have a positive effect on us. It helps to bring more joy into our life. Today I want to invite you to join me. I would like to start this week by expressing my appreciation for books. Oh I love books! They help me change perspective and learn new things. In our mind we travel through time and space, when we read a book.

And isn’ t it wonderful how we can be inspired by a total stranger just by sharing their thoughts, reading them, dive into them?

This week, let’s remind ourselves, that still not everyone has today the opportunity to learn reading and just a few decades ago many people couldn’t even access books. And if you are reading this right now, you have access to so much information and stories: online. Let’s do something simple and small for more joy in our life. Let’s be grateful that there are books in this world and we have access to them.

I am grateful to all the writers and to the people who dedicated their lives, so everyone in our society has the opportunity to go to school and learn reading. What are you grateful for? Take a minute and think about it. One minute in the morning and one minute before you fall asleep. Do something small and very effective for more joy in your life. 🙏

* Brene Brown, The call to courage, at 44,6 minutes


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