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Pause, reflect, regenerate



Psychotherapy (HeilprG)

It doesn’t matter how deep you are in,

how long you have been in pain

or if you can’t put a name to it.

Let’s aim to work it all out!​

Psychotherapy can support you with

  • anxiety 

  • sleep disorder

  • depression 

  • burn-out syndrome 

  • somatic symptom disorder / psychosomatic pain

  • addiction

  • panic attackes

  • suicidal thoughts

  • eating disorder

Psychotherapy provides a protected space for your recovery process. Just as physical illness needs time to recover, so too does the mind. Allow yourself to take this time.

Warning signs: Do you need support through psychotherapy?!

  • You don´t sleep well.

  • Prolonged lack of appetite.

  • Your fears prevent you from doing things that are important.

  • You have pain that has no physical cause.

  • You often feel depressed.

  • You think about food and your weight a lot.

  • You get angry about small things that happen.

  • You obsess in your mind about things, and just can`t let it go

Do you deal with something that was not listed here? Feel free to contact me and we will discuss together how I can support you.


Conditions for psychotherapy


One therapy unit is 60 minutes.​ In the first 10 minutes we will take some time to start our session with some mindfulness meditation.

Before we start the process of psychotherapy we will take four to six meetings to get to know each other.

Than we will decide, if we want to continue together.

This is a private practice and psychotherapy is not covered by the statutory health insurance.

Appointment Cancellation

In my practice, a specific appointment is reserved exclusively for you. If you need to cancel the appointment, please do so by 11:30 a.m. the day before. This gives me the opportunity to reschedule the appointment for somebody else. In case of a cancellation later than 11.30 a.m. the day before, I will charge a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee is 75 euros. If you do not show up for an appointment without canceling, I will invoice you for the regular session. Our session can be held online at any time. If you don't want to or can't come to the practice. Also at short notice.

Please do not come to the practice if you are sick, but cancel your appointment on time or meet me online.



120,- Euro per session

Please notice: in cash for the appointment or advance bank transfer only.

5 sessions package:

By bank transfer or in cash: 550,- Euro

Contact me for a therapy session.


20 % off for 1st time patients until the end of July, for the 1st two sessions

Achtsamkeitsmeditation, BeginnSitzung

Benefits for you


Since June 2019, the telematics infrastructure has been introduced in Germany. Medical and psychotherapeutic practices that cooperate with the statutory health insurance companies, are obligated to connect online. Currently, the electronic patient record is voluntary for patients.

As a psychologist in private practice, I am not part of the telematics infrastructure.


You benefit from a psychotherapy in a private practice.

  • Absolute confidentiality is guaranteed! A health insurance file about you is not necessary and will not be created. You decide who gets which information about you. On request, no digital processing of your data takes place at all.

  • As a self-payer you won`t have to wait long for a first meeting.

  • For a psychotherapy which is financed by the statutory health insurance, a "disorder" according to international standards (ICD-10) must be diagnosed. In an independant psychotherapy, I do not have to write a report about how "sick" you are.

  • As a self-payer, you yourself decide about the intervals of your therapy. Of course I will give a recommendation, in each individual case.

Benefits, when you pay for your therapy yourself.

Discover new possibilities

What is psychotherapy (HeilprG)?

What is psychotherapy (HeilprG)?

In Germany, one needs for the practice of psychotherapy a special permit. 


After I received my diploma in psychology, I completed a two-year additional systemic training and have therefore a permit for psychotherapy according to the "Heilpraktikergesetz".

Some private supplementary insurances, cover the costs partly. Please contact your health insurance for further information.

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