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Feeling home, right where you live

The city Mannheim makes me feel "home". When people ask me why, this could be my answer...

Today, I got on the overcrowded train, packed with shopping bags and my sports bag. While I was standing in between all those people, holding my bags, an older lady smiled at me, pointed to the space right in front of her knees (she was sitting) “Stelle se se do hie. I don't take them, they are far too heavy ”(put your bags here and don't worry, I won't take them, they are to heavy for me).

This little gesture filled me with so much joy.

I didn't hesitate for a second, to me it was clear, this was a serious offer. That relaxed smile on the lady’s face... I placed my bags in front of her knees. Said „thank you“. She didn’t react, because it was just so natural to her.

I was happy.

Without the heavy bags and with gratitude in my heart, I enjoyed the beautiful view of the river, the clouds that still hung in small pieces in the sky and the seagulls between the bright sun rays. The sky was blue now that the rain was over.

This open nature of the original Mannheimers who easy start to talk to you, this helpfulness, that should be normal, but is not anymore. I found it over and over in my city. That's why I love living in this city. She is honest and at the pulse of real life. No unnecessary frills. Mannheim, versatile, lively, loud.

You never know what new story you will meet around the corner. You can easily start a with people, get in touch, very natural.

The environment in which we live shapes us and we shape our environment. What do you like about the place where you live? What makes your heart sing when you leave the house in the morning?

Is it a pleasure for your eyes? Do you enjoy the silence? The Community? The multiple options? The water? The forest? The mobility?

If I asked you which one particular "thing" is special at your place compared to all the other places, what would you answer me?

Have you ever thought about this? Do it now! And remember it from time to time.

When was the last time you said "Thank you", to your city, to your place, for giving you the opportunity to this very special experience? Over and over again.

Remember how great it is, to be one small node in a big, stable network.

Write a note, write it in your cell phone and read it several times a week. Enjoy this little moment of full joy, it is completely free and very simple and most importantly: good for your health!


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