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New perspectives - old wisdom and knowledge

The ocean - about feeling free and feeling safe.

A few weeks ago I was walking up and down the beach. While I was walking, I watched what was happening around me.  Toddlers playing in the sand, people sitting in plastic chairs, carefully putting their feet in the water so that their clothes wouldn’t get wet. Others were jogging along the beach. Two teenage girls were jumping up and down in the water. I was looking at anglers, surfers, people who stayed close to the shore and people who I could notice far out into deep waters.

The sea was wild, full of waves and at the same time warm and pleasant. Like a soft kiss around my feet. It was scaring and beautiful at the same time.  I tried to decide whether I wanted to jump into the waves all day long or just watch from my safe haven, the beach.

The infinite movement of the as a present prove, that life goes on and on, no matter what.

The sea is dangerous, aesthetic, caring, repulsive and attractive.  It doesn`t judge.  Simply is.  Powerful, fascinating.  Opposites united to one whole.

This beautiful waters are a comforting hug and at the same time indescribable freedom.

"How different our needs are," I thought.  "Some of us are jearning for adventures, not afraid of any danger while others will stay as safe as possible close to the shore."

Being at the ocean makes me feel safe. The waves carry me, rock me into coziness like a baby in his mothers arms.

At the same time I feel wide open, light and free just looking at this wide wide ocean. The ocean is like an invitation, whispering: "Jump into the adventure, everything is possible...".

It is unconditional freedom.

This beautiful waters are a comforting hug and at the same time indescribable freedom. 

The ocean.

We need both to be happy and balanced: feeling safe and protected and feeling free to thrive. Thrive like a flower, that is nurtured by sun and water, but also has space to grow.

"How much freedom and how much structure do I need to be happy?"

This question is very often the talking point, when people come to meet me.

And there is no final answer to this question. Everybody feels comfortable with a different mix.  Some people like to have everything organized and planned, it makes them feel safe. And their priority is, to feel safe.

Other people feel caged with many rules or to much structure in their everyday life. They need more space, more freedom and spontaneity, to be able "to breath" and thrive. Usually their priority is freedom.

It is important to know and to live by your individual mix, by your own priorities. 

There is no one right answer for all people. And your priorities might change over the years.

What would you say? If you have to create your individual mix? How much freedom and how much structure would be your feel-good formula?


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